Luthier Classes and Training

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Doing great work isn’t just about what happens today.  I could have never been able to achieve what I currently do without the help of many great and valuable mentors.  Since 1996 I’ve been committed to passing on the tradition to future luthiers, offering a range of  workshops and sessions  from one-on-one, small group, large masterclass, and university level, all designed to maximize your understanding and knowledge of the instrument design and construction to prepare students for working in fine repair shops around the country and on their own.

Click here for a list of workshops offered.

To the right is my video on hand rubbing a sunburst finish compliments of the folks over at

Checkout this thread from a one-on-one private student workshop on restoring an old Juzek bass, from our friends over at

Thanks to the Guild of American Luthiers for hosting me at their convention in Tacoma, Washington for workshops in vintage restoration and finishing. You can see a printed article series in  American Lutherie magazine.

To the right is our hand rubbed finishing video compliments of the folks over at and a spray finishing video shot by our friends over at Dream Guitars.

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