double bass

 A full service double bass workshop, by a bass player, for all your  bass player needs. They are giant, fragile, they break all of the time, they are incredibly cool and worth every bit of effort to maintain.
  • Full setups
  • Broken necks
  • New bassbars
  • Revoicing
  • New bridges / soundosts / fittings
  • Delaminations
  • Seam separations 
  • Detachable neck conversions
  • Fingerboard leveling / dressing / replacements
  • Carbon fiber neck reinforcement / carbon fiber soundposts
  • Major trauma reconstruction
  • Pickup and electronic installations

For  bass work and informatiion specific to vintage US plywood basses and ALCOA / Pfretzschner aluminum bass restoration, check out my other site at and monitor our facebook pages for current updates.