What’s happenin’ around the workshop

January 2017

The new year is starting off great with a long and detailed feature article in Guitarmaker Magazine from James’ bass restoration and setup workshop last year at The Association of String Instrument Artisan’s Symposium at East Stroudsburg State University.

Thanks again for a fantastic and busy 2016 from all of our friends,  customers, and students playing, gigging, and touring all over the world. You are the reason we exist!

If you are in town on the weekend, make sure to stop by the great local brewery Ben’s Tune Up every Saturday to checkout The Gypsy Guitar Trio featuring  Steve Karla, Phil Alley, and James Condino, playing Django as fast as they can get it out and tearing things up. This makes four years straight of  that gig!

April 2016

James made the front and back cover of the new issue of American Lutherie magazine and a nice article from one of his workshops on hand rubbed sunburst finishing at the Guild of American Luthier’s convention in Tacoma Washington. Thanks to everyone at the GAL for all of their fine efforts and hard work!

September 201

Congratulations to our friend, neighbor, and customer Tim Surrett from Balsam Range on his 2015 IBMA Bass Player of the Year award!

June 2015

‘Hope to see you this weekend at theAssosciation of Stringed Instrument Artisans Symposium 2015, at East Stroudsburg State University as James presents an evening workshop on Thursday after CF Martin IV, and then for a Saturday double  session upright bass super workshop!

We are excited to announce Southeastern Resaw Services, featuring the beautiful art deco 1941 Yates Y30 snowflake bandsaw that came out of the old WACO biplane factory, possibly the finest bandsaw ever made. Proudly offering over 3 decades of resawing experience up to 18″ wide boards with confidence and precision for other builders and craftsmen. When it is important and it matters, get it done right!

Several mandolins should be headed to the finish room in the next couple of weeks, including another of the Brazilian rosewood  from the estate seies!

Here is a little bit of fun I had customizing an old Pfretzschner aluminum bass from the late 1930s:


The spring 2015 issue of American Lutherie Magazine features a nice full length interview of luthier Arnold Schnitzer by James.

June 2014:

‘Getting ready for the upcoming Guild of american Luthiers Convention the end of July in Tacoma Washington , prepping a couple of very informative workshops and some new designs.

I’ll be headed up north for the 2nd Annual Pittsburgh Bass Day /GTG on June 29. This is shaping up to be quite a fun bass dork-o-rama!!! I’ll have a few upright basses with me and should be giving a workshop as well as be on hand for all of your bass questions and interests for the day.  Call the shop before the event if you have any specific needs or want to schedule and appointment.

Here is a facebook link for more details:


March 2014:

Look for an article by John Monteleone and I on the Jimmy D’Aquisto mandolin at the Metropolitain Museum of Art and one of the tools he and John D”Angelico used in the Spring Issue of American Lutherie magazine.

I’m excited to announce that I have been asked to present two workshops at this summer’s upcoming Guild of American Luthier’s 21st National Convention and Exhibition, in Tacoma, Washington. Both were specifically setup with myself and another geat luthier to provide multiple persepectives on the craft and to make for an interesting, diverse presentation. This is one of my favorite summer events with some of the best builders in the world present for lots of laughter, great information sharing, music, workshops, vendors, and fun; I’ve been going for a couple of decades now.

The first is “Carving and Refining the Modern Archtop Soundboard”, on Wednesday July 23 in conjunction with Stephen Marchione.

The second workshop is “Construction and voicing the Modern Mandolin: Two Approaches”, On Thursday July 24, in conjunction with Andrew Mowry.

After a several year search and a number of installation delays, the new addition to the shop- a vintage 1942 yates American Y30 Snowflake bandsaw will be up and running in about a week. Beyond my own use, this is being setup as part of a new business model- Southeastern Resaw. After  a long look at things and a frustration with no regional high quality resaw services available in this area,  I decided to step up and become that guy. The plan is to make resaw services available to other folks on a limited small scale basis: when it matters, and you want it done right!

Current student projects are a red spruce D-18, a new neck for a mid 1930s archtop guitar, and carving a 17″ archtop guitar in a few weeks.

January 2013:

A great New Year’s eve gig at the Biltmore estate with the Gypsy Swingers!

Thanks to the Knoxville area luthier’s group for hosting me for a workshop on historic guitar voicing! A great group of folks and a packed house.

October 2013:

I just returned from a great visit up north doing some research at the Metropolitain Museum of Art and visiting with some amazing luthiers in the New York area. More to come soon about the exciting new project.

I did the drawings for a nice 1925 Gibson A snakehead mandolin that is now in the editorial pipeline as a  blueprint from the Guild of American Luthiers.

Current student projects are a red spruce D18 and a Selmer influenced guitar. Last month had a couple of vintage bass restoration workshops with folks visiting from out of state, and a separate guitar setup and fretwork session. Thanks to everyone for the hard work.

-A  new removable neck system for the double bass applied to a vintage Pfretzschner aluminum bass; very cool vibe and lots of fun.

Photos coming soon!